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The Ontario Health Study Newsletter, June 2018

In this issue: First (of many) follow-up questionnaires is complete!; Head of OHS Takes On National Role; Study finds respiratory health affected more by environment than genes; Why did you decide to participate in the OHS?; Reminder: Update your contact info

The Ontario Health Study Newsletter, November 2017

In this issue: Take a half hour and tell us how you're doing; The OHS is open for business!; Diabetes Awareness Month; Reminder: Update your contact info; Why did you decide to participate in the OHS?

The Ontario Health Study Newsletter, June 2017

In this issue:Study recruitment and blood collection come to successful finish!; Fill out your follow-up questionnaire and provide an update on your health; National project brings together data from population health studies across Canada; We want to hear from you!

The Ontario Health Study Newsletter, November 2016

In this issue: OHS launches first follow-up questionnaire: A big step forward; Fall local study centres a roaring success!: Learn more about what we’ve been up to the last few months; Your feedback in action: We asked for your ideas and you responded to the call; OHS Principal Investigator part of team awarded $4 million CIHR grant: Find out more about a new research project involving the Ontario Health Study; Discovery—It’s in your blood: Provide a blood sample to the OHS.

The Ontario Health Study Newsletter, June 2016

In this issue: New study on metabolic syndrome to use OHS data: OHS principal investigator awarded $2 million research grant; OHS data provides closer look at mental health of ethnocultural minorities: A new study examines the link between ethnicity and mental health risk; Discovery—It’s in your Blood: Provide a blood sample to the OHS; Building a “biobank”: Find out what happens after you’ve donated a blood sample to the OHS; We’d like to hear from you: Tell us what you think

The Ontario Health Study Newsletter, November 2015

One of the first of many projects to use Ontario Health Study data now published!

The Ontario Health Study Newsletter, June 2015

The Ontario Health Study (OHS) recently launched an ambitious program to travel to communities across the province to collect blood specimens from current participants and enroll new participants. The collected blood samples are a critical part of the Study’s mission to create a resource for scientists to access to use to better understand the causes of cancer and other chronic diseases.

OHS Insider #8

On September 29, 2013 the Ontario Health Study celebrated its third anniversary as an online study. The Study is the largest long-term health study ever attempted in North America and already nearly 225,000 Ontarians have taken the online survey. The information obtained through the survey will help scientists understand the risk factors and causes of chronic diseases and spur the creation of new prevention strategies and treatments. If you haven't already done so please sign up for the Study at

OHS Insider #7

Now You Can Join the Thousands of OHS Participants Who Have Provided a Blood Sample to the Ontario Health Study by Expressing Your Interest Today!

OHS Insider #6

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of the Ontario Health Study’s Blood Collection Program! You have already made a great contribution to health research by joining the Study and completing our first online health questionnaire. Now, if you also provide a blood sample to the OHS, researchers will be able to study the information you’ve already provided in connection with your blood sample. This will give them even greater insight into the various factors that influence health and quality of life.

In order to make it possible for all OHS participants to easily provide a blood sample, we have partnered with LifeLabs® Medical Laboratory Services. This partnership makes it easy for OHS participants to visit one of LifeLabs’ 120 locations throughout the province to provide a sample at their convenience. To learn more about the Study’s Blood Collection Program and to locate a LifeLabs facility near you, please visit the OHS website by clicking here.