Ontario Health Study Data and Biosample Access Policy – Policy outlining data access procedure from application request to final project report and destruction of data. We recommend that anyone interested in accessing OHS data for research review this document first.

Templates and Forms

Preliminary Access Application Form – For applicants needing a letter of support for grant or ethics submission.

Data and Biosample Access Application Form – This application will be sent to the Data Access Committee (DAC) for a complete review along with:
  • Research protocol (with ethics approval)
  • Proof of scientific peer-review of research protocol
  • Approval by Research Ethics Board
  • 2-page CV of the principal applicant

Data and Biosample Access Agreement

Data and Biosample Access Renewal Form – For successful applicants who want to access the data and/or biosamples beyond the initial approved period

Template for Final Project Report – A summary of the research findings to be submitted upon completion of an approved research project.

Template for Unanticipated Event/Significant Change Report – To be completed if something unanticipated occurs that may have an impact on OHS data, biosamples and derived data. Some examples are:
  • Inability to complete the approved research project
  • Changes to information provided in the Data and Biosample Access Application Form, including changes in who will have access to OHS data and biosamples.
  • Compromised data or material security, integrity or confidentiality
  • Breach of ethics

Template for Certificate of Destruction – Certifies that all OHS data and/or biosamples and all copies thereof have been destroyed.

Supplementary Resources

Baseline Questionnaire – Online questionnaire that all participants completed when they registered for the Study.

Follow-Up Questionnaire – Online questionnaire currently underway, asking participants to provide an update on their health as well as additional questions related to e-cigarette and marijuana use, mental health and over-the-counter drug use.