What's New With the OHS?

Since 2010, the Ontario Health Study (OHS) has been working hard to build a platform for chronic disease research. Working together with the research community and Ontarians across the province we are now following the health of about 230,000 people and have collected more than 35,000 blood samples. We’re building a database of health information and a biobank so researchers can better understand the link between genetics, lifestyle and environment—and the role they play in our health.

In this section, you’ll find information about the various Study activities and upcoming initiatives.

The Ontario Health Study Newsletter, June 2017

In this issue:Study recruitment and blood collection come to successful finish!; Fill out your follow-up questionnaire and provide an update on your health; National project brings together data from population health studies across Canada; We want to hear from you!

National project brings together data from population health studies across Canada

Did you know that by participating in the Ontario Health Study (OHS) you are contributing to Canada’s largest population health study, the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project (CPTP)? The National Post recently ran a series of articles on CPTP, a partnership of regional studies like the OHS, looking at the potential for new discoveries resulting from this national collaboration.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Follow-Up Questionnaire

Find out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the follow-up questionnaire.

OHS aims to collect 40,000 blood samples by March 31st

The deadline for registering for the Ontario Health Study and providing a blood sample for future research is March 31st, 2017. With more than 235,000 participants and a biobank of 38,000 blood samples, the OHS is one of Canada’s largest long-term health studies. But we’re not quite finished yet.

Ontario Health Study hits milestone with launch of first follow up questionnaire

The Ontario Health Study (OHS) is taking an important step forward with the launch of its first follow-up questionnaire. The Study, one of Canada’s largest population health studies and biobank, is looking for an update on the health of their more than 230,000 participants through this online questionnaire.

The Ontario Health Study Newsletter, November 2016

In this issue: OHS launches first follow-up questionnaire: A big step forward; Fall local study centres a roaring success!: Learn more about what we’ve been up to the last few months; Your feedback in action: We asked for your ideas and you responded to the call; OHS Principal Investigator part of team awarded $4 million CIHR grant: Find out more about a new research project involving the Ontario Health Study; Discovery—It’s in your blood: Provide a blood sample to the OHS.

We’ve made some changes to our website!

As you may have noticed, we’ve made some updates to the OHS website to coincide with the launch of our first follow-up questionnaire. In addition to an updated look-and-feel, we have also refreshed our content to make sure the information we provide is simpler, more informative, and easier to find.

Following up on your feedback

When we asked for ideas about how we could make participating in the Study easier in our June newsletter, many of you answered that call. We wanted to get back to you and let you know how we’ve used your feedback and to answer a few of the more common questions.

OHS Celebrates Study Centre Milestones

This past fall, OHS Local Study Centres reached and surpassed several important milestones with a recent run of locations in Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay, Pembroke, London and McMaster. As of November 1st, the Study has successfully operated over 50 Study Centre locations in communities across Ontario and collected over 35,000 blood samples.

Please update your contact info for the Ontario Health Study

One of the most important challenges in a long-term study is keeping in touch with participants to collect up-to-date information. As the study continues into the future with follow-up questionnaires and other initiatives, it is important that we are able to communicate with our participants. In order to ensure we are able to reach you, we ask that you please add a contact phone number to your account.