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CanPath Webinar: COVID-19 Antibody Study Results

Mar 23, 2022 // Study Updates

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Beginning December 2020, select CanPath participants were invited to complete a follow-up COVID-19 questionnaire and submit dried blood spot samples. The questionnaire included details around vaccination, previous COVID-19 infection, underlying medical conditions, and medications taken. Dried blood spot samples were tested for antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 (anti-spike IgG, anti-receptor binding domain of spike (RBD) IgG, and anti-nucleocapsid (N) IgG). Collection of second dried blood spot samples is underway.

In this webinar, Drs. Philip Awadalla and Victoria Kirsh will present an analysis of the more than 22,000 CanPath participant responses to the questionnaire and the serum antibody levels. Analyses will focus on variation in COVID-19 vaccine-induced antibodies by vaccine product (including heterologous (mix and match) vaccination), the timing of administration, number of doses, time since vaccination, and host factors such as age, sex, underlying medical conditions, and medications associated with immunodeficiency or immunosuppression. Identification of host and vaccine factors that affect immunity will allow for tailored recommendations regarding the need for vaccine boosters and additional vaccine doses. 

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