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Frequently Asked Questions about the Follow-Up Questionnaire

Jun 19, 2017 // Study Updates

Can I complete the questionnaire on my iPad? Which web browser works best?

The type of device and web browser can make a big difference when trying to complete the follow-up questionnaire. If possible, it is best to use a PC when filling out the questionnaire. Participants may experiences some issues if they use a tablet or mobile device. As for the web browser, it is best to use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Why did I get kicked out of my account while I was in the middle of the questionnaire? What should I do?

As a security precaution, our system will automatically log you out after 10 minutes of inactivity. Because the questionnaire collects sensitive personal health information, this is done to prevent other individuals from viewing your account if, for instance, the computer is left unattended. The system will save all of the questionnaire answers you have provided up to this point (up to the last completed page). Please log in againto resume answering the questionnaire where you left off.

I am not able to move onto the next page. I received an error message but cannot find the source of the error.

It is possible that you have missed answering a question on the page or entered an unacceptable value for a question. There is a red box on the left side of each question. The box will continue to stay red if the question is unanswered or an invalid response is given. The box will turn green when a valid response is given.

Can I go back and modify my answers after I’ve completed the questionnaire?

Unfortunately, once you have submitted the questionnaire, you will not be able to go back to make any changes to it. However, once the next follow-up questionnaire is available to complete, you can provide the correct response(s) at that time.

Why were certain questions/health issues not covered in the questionnaire?

We are still in the planning stages for further investigation and follow-up for our participants. Even if some health issues were not covered in the current questionnaire, it doesn’t mean we won’t ask you about them at some point. The OHS is a long-term study so we will be following up with our participants regularly for many years to come.