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PHD student using OHS data to look for early signs of cancer

Mar 3, 2023 // Study Updates

Nicholas Cheng is using data to compare over 400 OHS participants who’ve experienced a cancer diagnosis, with matched cancer-free participants, to look for biomarkers in the blood that could be used to detect breast, prostate and pancreatic cancers several years before a traditional diagnosis. Hear what motivates this PHD student, as he reflects on his


Global Biobank Meta-analysis Initiative: Powering genetic discovery across human disease

Jan 16, 2023 // Study Updates

The OHS contributed genotyping data from 7,300 consented participants to a groundbreaking global initiative to research the underlying biology of human disease and disease traits. As the largest contributor to CanPath, the OHS is the only Canadian study to be included in the Global Biobank Meta-analysis Initiative (GBMI), which to date involves genetic data from 2.2


Smoking history associated with decreased heart inflammation in Clinically Manifest Cardiac Sarcoidosis patients

Nov 24, 2022 // Study Updates

The causes of sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease diagnosed in an estimated 21,000 Canadians, remain unknown. A specific form affecting the heart, cardiac sarcoidosis (or CS), is considered especially serious, being responsible for roughly 85% of deaths from the disease despite accounting for only 5% of sarcoidosis cases. A group of researchers led by Dr. David


OHS profiled in the International Journal of Epidemiology

Aug 15, 2022 // Study Updates

Cohort profile papers are important markers for studies like the OHS, because they outline the history and value of their research platforms for the broader scientific community, thus encouraging further use by other scientists. The International Journal of Epidemiology published a profile of the Ontario Health Study in its September 2022 issue. The OHS follows