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What’s New With the OHS?

Since 2010, the Ontario Health Study (OHS) has been working hard to build a platform for chronic disease research. Working together with the research community and Ontarians across the province we are now following the health of about 225,000 people and have collected more than 40,000 blood samples. We’re building a database of health information and a biobank so researchers can better understand the link between genetics, lifestyle and environment—and the role they play in our health.

In this section, you’ll find information about the various Study activities and upcoming initiatives.

Blood tubes in the laboratory centrifuge

Time spent in the sun and the risk of developing non-Hodgkin lymphoma: a Canadian cohort study

Jul 24, 2023 // Study Updates

A study used data from almost 80,000 Canadians, including almost 6,000 OHS participants, to research the link between sun exposure and the risk of developing Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL). The research found that moderate daily exposure (30 minutes to two hours) was associated with a lower risk of developing this category of cancer. The authors noted

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The Ontario Health Study Newsletter, June 2023

Jun 19, 2023 // OHS Newsletter

In this issue: • Help us protect your privacy and your OHS account • The OHS data access roadmap • What type of stories would you like to read? • 10 years of the OHS in 10 facts • OHS to be part of new national research environment • Prior COVID-19 infection protects for 8

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Explore the work-health connection: New occupational data augments Ontario Health Study data and biosamples

May 19, 2023 // Study Updates

Occupational and related psycho-social data collected from more than 33,000 OHS participants are now available to researchers. Collected in 2019 through a comprehensive questionnaire about work history, job duration, exposures, levels of physical activity, shift work, commute times and more, the Work History Questionnaire is the latest expansion of OHS data offerings. This occupational information

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